• William K. Mayfield, AIA
    Principal Architect

    “Willie” Mayfield brings over 40 years of architectural experience to project design and its integration into the construction process.
    Mr. Mayfield graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and served in the U.S. Air Force. In the 1970’s he pursued architecture through a varied background of civil engineering and construction. In 1993 he co-established an architectural firm, now his own practice.

    Gavin Maxwell, ARB (UK) Intl Assoc., AIA

    Gavin Maxwell was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, schooled in Architecture in Liverpool, England, and licensed in the United Kingdom. His interest in the environment took him to Belize where he spent two years volunteering as a design consultant for Target Earth International. While on staff he completed a number of community, governmental and humanitarian projects. In 1994, he moved to California. Mr. Maxwell has worked for Mayfield Architects close to 20 years. He has experience in the design of a variety of project types including accessible housing, retail, childcare and educational facilities, historical renovations, churches, and dental offices.

  • what we believe:

    design matters—it creates value!
    we pursue it in every phase of the project

    how we work:

    we will not put our name on a project,
    until it has in it, the best that is in us

    our mission:

    to provide architectural design through
    biblically-based integrity and service