Redwood Cabin, Mount Hermon

The original cabin, known locally as “Ll-en-roc”, (a reversal of the Cornell name), was perched precariously on the edge of an eroding slope overlooking the creek, and was ultimately donated to Mount Hermon Association by the Cornell family. We were given the challenge of rebuilding the cabin as a year-round rental, while maintaining the style of the existing summer residence, siting it safely away from the slope and completing the project within a tight budget. We achieved that by gently dismantling and saving the first growth redwood structure, refinishing and re-using this old wood for interior wainscot and finishes, as well as incorporating other original (and  rebuilt) historical elements of the building – leaded glass windows; fireplace style and design; staircase location and detailing.

The lodge was renamed “Redwood Cabin” and, as a four bedroom accommodation adjacent to the main conference facilities, has become a valuable and much sought after rental within Mount Hermon Associations housing stock.

Date: May 14, 2010